We are your distribution channel

The CSQ Group is a corporation specialised in the distribution of digital products, with a special focus on telephone top-ups, digital payment methods, payment services, transport season ticket top-ups and digital multimedia content.


For Suppliers and Distributors

The CSQ group has been working steadily with the main telephone and online service operators since the beginning of its establishment. We are backed by the teamwork that we have maintained and looked after in each operation for over 28 years. The transparency and daily monitoring that we carry out allows us to detect new opportunities in the market, in which we operate.

Thanks to our focus and experience as distribution partners, the products incorporated into our platform have seen their sales and capillarity increase.

CSQ Suppliers and Distributors

We have experience in launching and positioning new products in the market.

We process an estimated 500,000 transactions per day.

We have managed to adapt and maintain ourselves in the current market as a leading corporation and pioneer in our sector.

We reach more than 115,000 points of sale worldwide.

We offer direct and indirect channels of capillarity, and our entire team is prepared to provide first class service in any situation.

We have Business Intelligence tools to evaluate the performance of the distribution of each product and to propose, define, extend or redirect the actions to the different Marketing departments of each company.