Are you in the business of digital product distribution, with a strong focus on mobile top-ups, digital payment solutions, bill payments, transportation pass recharges, and multimedia content? Look no further than CSQ, your trusted partner for all your distribution needs. We specialize in providing cutting-edge marketing channels to ensure your products reach the right audience. Let’s explore our diverse online and offline marketing channels:

Online Channels:

🌐 Banners:
Keep your customers informed and up to date with our attention-grabbing rotating banners. By strategically placing your ads in prime positions, we boost their impact and ensure your news reaches your target audience effectively.

💡 BTL Marketing:
We understand the importance of customization and adaptation. Our diverse platform functionalities allow us to tailor your campaigns to suit your unique requirements. We work closely with you to ensure your message resonates with your customers and delivers tangible results.

📝 Blog:
Spread the word about your exceptional services or products through our network of influential blogs. By leveraging our blog platforms, you can create a buzz and generate interest among your target audience. Let our blogs amplify your brand’s online presence.

📧 Newsletter:
Directly connect with your customers through our massive reach newsletters. With a subscriber base of over 25,000, we ensure your promotions, updates, and offerings are effectively communicated to your target audience. Let us help you nurture customer loyalty and drive conversions.

🔔 Notifications:
Seize the power of push notifications through our app and point-of-sale (POS) user network. Engage with your audience by sending targeted messages directly to their devices. With our notifications, you can create real-time connections and drive immediate action.

Offline Channels:

👥 Commercial Visit:
Empower our sales representatives to educate POS staff about your product and distribute relevant marketing materials. Our informative or training visits ensure that your product is well understood and prominently displayed, aligning with your strategy.

☎️ Telemarketing Actions:
Maximize your reach by having your message conveyed to customers every time they call our customer service center. Additionally, we can collaborate on active calling campaigns that specifically target segments within our customer base, boosting your brand’s visibility.

📜 Brochure:
Stay visible and updated by including your product or service updates in our monthly brochures. This ensures that your offerings are consistently communicated to our extensive client network, driving awareness and interest.

🗂️ Kiosk Communication:
Let our strategically placed vending machines become a powerful advertising tool for your brand. We can tailor specific advertising messages to showcase your products and capture the attention of potential customers.

🔍 Product Testing:
Gain invaluable insights and real-world feedback by conducting segmented launches within our extensive network. Testing your product in a live environment allows you to fine-tune your offerings and optimize their performance.

At CSQ, we are dedicated to empowering your digital product distribution business with a comprehensive multichannel marketing strategy. Our online and offline channels work in tandem to ensure your message reaches the right audience, maximizes engagement, and drives business growth.


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